SLV Quality Concrete, Inc. main objective is to provide a safe work environment for all employees,subcontractors, clients, and surrounding community. SLVQC is dedicated to train employees to perform work in a safe and conscience method to ensure that projects are completed in a safe manner. Our safety program is designed to help us reach our main goal of an accident free work place. Through extensive training, compliance with safety programs, procedures, and awareness we will achieve our long term goal.

What Does safety mean to you? By SLVQC developing and maintaing a safety program with industry-leading dynamics without violations or injury’s, we don’t pass our cost down to our clients. This means a lower EMR which saves us money and we are able to pass those saving on to our customers.

Our Safety Program Includes:

  • Pre-employment, post-accident, and reasonable cause drug testing program
  • OSHA certified employees
  • MSHA certified employees

“We now have unshakable conviction that accident causes are manmade and that a manmade problem can be solve by men and women.”
--W.H. Cameron


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